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SQL is the most used Database in the Industry by web developers and this training teaches on: How to Create & Manage your Microsoft SQL Databases How to administer and monitor your SQL Databases Perform Operations on the Databases This SQL Video Course is narrated by IT Intelligence Group, the ultimate Database Guru. IT Intelligence Group walks the students through the creation and maintenance of a functional SQL Database from beginning to end, explaining important technical, maintenance, and creation aspects. This training teaches you the basics and the advanced with and makes the subject so easy to understand and use. This training teaches you more than necessary to use and operate SQL Databases, to name a few :- SQL Database Design Creation of SQL Databse Data Types in SQL Functions and Operators in SQL Data Integrity in SQL CRUD in SQL Unions and Joins in SQL Stored Procedures and Functions in SQL SQL Database Administration Import and Export in SQL SQL Monitoring of Database SQL backup and Recovery Security and User Management in SQL This is a must for all web developers and database developers and DBAs. This hands-on course will make a novice a professional.The course contains walk through videos, printed documents of the course material as well as links to resources you need to be able to carry out the course. The course is starting with the very basics and assumes no prior SQL knowledge.If you need to access any data be it online or within your own company then this course is for you.

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