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Soul Career program designed by industry experts with more than 20 years of experience. Here, you will get to know important aspects about you learn truths about interviews, and find out best practices to prepare for the face-to-face interviews The program aims to make you a confident job candidate in an interview, and drastically improve your chances of selection over others. The program will make you aware so that you do not spoil your chances by unaware mistakes The program would equip you with knowledge on how you can create lasting positive impressions on the hiring company. This program is suitable for pre-final year & final year college students, new job seekers and early job switchers with few years of work experience. This is a quick one-stop-shop for those seeking to improve their selection chances at the start of their career. The program covers the entire job selection process step by step right from CV drafting to handling face-to-face interviews. You will understand about Bio-data or CV,and how to make an impressive one. You will learn about what companies look for in a candidate.

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You will get familiar with process of preparing for and giving an interview

  • how to introduce yourself.
  • what are the dos and do not before and during an interview
  • what are the critical and commonly asked question and how to answer them
  • what are the important job terms etc.

This program also includes Personality Tests to assess your Self-confidence, Learning and Initiative-taking levels, which impact your career. Finally, this program gives you a preview of a few sample interviews, to reinforce your understanding of the concepts learnt earlier. Course Benefits: Soul Career and training programs. Companies are able to educate their existing staff to handle additional responsibilities, and employees benefit from receiving a raise or being able to list the additional training on a resume. If employees are able to show well-rounded skills and list additional training on their resumes,they have a better chance of landing new positions.

Importance & Benefit of Soul Career:
  • Communication during interview
  • Grooming and Presentation
  • Answering questions frequently asked by interviewers
  • Following up after the interview 5:-Overcoming common errors
  • Word usage
  • Intonation modulation
  • Learn from real-world examples and step-by-step supplemental screen casts.
  • Hone skills as a social media strategist.
  • Apply integration techniques to help minimize the workload of social media.
  • Use metrics and analytics tools to evaluate social media efforts.
  • Apply search optimization techniques to social media content.

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